Phases of the Week


Today is a Tuesday. The calendar says otherwise, but I know it just likes to taunt me. The sky is crying, too — this week has been too long already and the finish line stretches out farther than the horizon.


The sky does not cry so much today, but it is hungry. The wind whirls around its stomach, knocking my chips all over the floor. Even the sky can be petty. It’s okay, though — by Thursday I usually feel pretty fatigued, too.


There was just a presentation today, instructing all of us to follow our hearts, not the world. Well, my heart tells me today is Friday, so I think I should stay home tomorrow and sleep.


I tried to catch up on sleep today — it is a Saturday, after all — but the moment I arrived to class late with a liter of coffee, I was informed that today was a Monday. At least, that’s what my heart told me as it quavered from tip to tail, reliving the weekend’s activities. There is still so much week left.


Alright, today is definitely Wednesday. Something tells me that the week has been longer than I remember, but I’ve been so exhausted lately that I thought it had been sunny all day, only to find that several inches of rain had gathered outside the doors. I suppose the sky has been confused, but the world tells me that the confused one is me. Anyway, I’m going to listen to my heart — isn’t that what they said?